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Meet the talented Songster, a brother to the KETASCAN NSMQ icon, Francisca Lamini


A picture of Owen and Lamini

*It Runs In The Family:*

She’s been celebrated by many for her immense contribution towards the great feat achieved by Keta Senior High Technical School in the just ended NSMQ contest.

*GHEvent.net* investigations reveal that the family of Francisca Lamini is one with diverse talents as they can boast of an astute Songster and a song writer.

*Owen Glitz* is his stage name but he is known in private life as *Owen Dziedzorm Ahiabor.* He hails from Dabala in the Volta Region but had his SHS education in Accra and then moved to Sefwi Yawmatwa where he dwells currently.

Locate Yawmatwa at the Bia West District in the Western North Region of Ghana.

Owen Glitz is an elder brother of Francisca Lamini. A talented musician by all standards who’s songs will blow your mind.

Among his numerous hits are songs like *One Love, My Everything, Ka Na Meye* and *Never Afraid them* (ft Yaa Pono) and many other surprises.

Owen Glitz have gotten several nominations in western north region music industry and Ghana as whole, on his credit and winning many awards as well.

Below are the YouTube links to some of his songs for your relaxation.

Source : Ghevent.net

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